Daisy Hair Comb – Paperclay

Many of you remember my Poppy Hair comb from the last project I did.  I really wanted to do a daisy for this project.  Shasta Daisies are my favorite flowers and I really wanted to make a daisy hair comb.  Since the technique is very different than the poppy hair comb I thought it would be acceptable.

1 Hair Comb (mine was recycled)
Rolling Pin (I use a Fondant Roller)
Sculpting Tools (your choice)
Hot glue

 My recycled Hair Combs.

1.  Roll out a 2″ snake.  Flatten it with a rolling pin.  Take sculpting tool or scissors and create a rectangle.

2.  Cut fringes down the length of clay with scissors leaving about a 1/4″ at the bottom.

3. Take another piece of clay about 1/2″ wide.  This will be the center of the flower.

4. Spread water along the edge of the fringe  Wrap the fringe around the ball smoothing the bottom as you go.

5.  Spread flower petals out.  Let dry for 24 hours.

6.  Paint and seal flower.  Hot Glue flower to comb.

Finished – Hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial (my daughter loves the hair comb.)

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