Mind Wandering Wednesday….


So this week has been a rough week, I have been screamed at by three different people (tourists) for a tourist’s own ignorance.  Booga has decided that laughing at mommy when she disciplines her is a good thing.  We also have committed the cardinal sin and ran out of cheese (I now get to try to convince Booga that there is more to life than cheese sandwiches). 

On top of all of that I am focusing on Christmas Gifts and organizing my disaster of a pantry.  I am on Pinterest and honestly at first I was overwhelmed by all the ideas now – I am excited.  One of the ideas I saw was this amazing little organized pantry.

kitchen pantry
I fell in love with this idea but I know several things and one buying enough clear bins to do this is out of my price range.  So I started to think I had some Large Flat Rate Boxes (6 to be exact) and thought why don’t I papermache them, add color (brown), add chalkboard paint to them and a rope handle.  I could at least to the top row with the boxes and it would help my pantry.  
I also decided to fold the flaps up to make a deeper box.  I used duct tape to reinforce the sides.  The boxes hold up to 75 pounds so they are sturdy boxes and they are free from the Post Office.  My goal is to have at least three papermached today so we will see how that works – wish me luck.  I will also willing take before and after pictures of my pantry once I start the organization process!

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