Let the Weeks of Cake (and Ice Cream) Begin…

It usually starts August 4th with our Anniversary and continues through Labor Day.    A couple weeks break and more cake then the holidays.  Yep that is how many birthdays we have in a small period of time.  This week I am making cupcakes not just any cupcakes but Vegan-Friendly German Chocolate Cake.  Many of you know I have limited or cut dairy, completely out of my diet.  I love to bake and finding ways to bake one healthier, two without dairy and three adding healthy things has become an obsession of mine.

The one thing I do miss is ice cream – I love ice cream! This has not been an easy task, I grew up in an ice cream shop and have loved ice cream my whole life making the break has been extremely difficult for me (I might have a remedy for this one by the end of the day – report on this one soon).  I found a non-vegan friendly alternative to ice cream with Almond Milk – I still eat eggs so why not try making some ice cream with eggs, butter and Almond Milk.  As I said I will have to report on this – keeping my fingers crossed it works because Manda wants REAL ice cream!

So Jeff loves German Chocolate Cake, the first cake I ever baked for him was a box German Chocolate Cake.

Note – I did not have a plate big enough to put the cake on so I had to use a Pizza Pan.

Much has changed since this first cake, I rarely use box cakes for one and two I have help when I bake.

I asked Jeff a couple months back what he wanted for his birthday without hesitation he said ALOT of Cake

If you unfamiliar with the ALOT (pictured above) it is from one of my favorite blogs ever (his too) Hyperbole and a Half.  So I was going to make Jeff ALOT of Cake for his birthday – did I mention it is August and we have had record heat for over 3 months?  Cakes (i.e. Fondant, Frosting, etc) melt in the heat and humidity.  I then thought how about ALOT of Cupcakes because German Chocolate Cake Frosting looks like the ALOT Monster anyways!  My next obstical was to find a healthy – vegan friendly cake.  BINGO – FatFree Vegan Kitchen I found a recipe for German Chocolate Cake Frosting – I am not using Soy Milk (I don’t like it so I am using Almond Milk in place of Soy Milk, I have read it is pretty interchangeable).  I have also wanted to use her Chocolate Beet Cake  I am really excited to try both of these recipes and my new ice cream recipe I found from The Saucy Kitchen (we plan on making this today).  So I will be baking and reporting on how everything turns out – sorry this post is more of what I am going to do rather than what I did do.  I will do my full report soon (especially on the ice cream!)

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