WIP – Wednesday – Christmas Ornaments

You read that right I am starting on Christmas Ornaments and actually have several completed before September (YAY – ME!)  Last year I made several ornaments and donated 50% of the proceeds to charity.  The only ornaments I was able to complete last year were the Star for The Trevor Project, the Snowman for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Baby Feet to March of Dimes and the Christmas Tree for the National Wildlife Federation. 

This year I am adding to this list – I already have a Candy Cane for Feeding America and another Snowman for St. Jude’s on my Etsy Store.

Candy Cane 50% is donated to Feeding America

Snowman 50% is donated to St. Jude’s Children Hospital

The ornaments are $20 plus shipping with half going to charity ($10).  Each ornament is hand crafted out of Paperclay and is extremely light.  If you are interested in purchasing either of these please check out my Etsy Store.  I am aware the photos are not the best I scanned them and need to get better photos outside but it is really hot outside.

I also redid my Etsy Banner and put more stuff on my shop.  Making progress but not a bad start to the holiday season.

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