DIY – Thomas the Tank Toddler Room (Idea Stage)

So Booga is going to be two in a couple weeks and he has an obsession with Thomas (okay it is a rather large obsession with Thomas).  Like any good mother I decided to aid him with his obsession by making his room into a Thomas Paradise (well not really but a bedroom with several Thomas items).  The first thing that I am working on is a 5’x3′ painting of the Thomas Mural from these two images:

The next thing I am making is a Railroad sign clock:

Railroad Level Grade Crossing Wall Clock

 Maybe it is just me but I find paying $20 for this a little outrageous so I am refurbishing an old Winnie the Pooh Clock (Tutorial to follow latter this week.)

I am also thinking of making some other Railroad signs from cardboard but we will see.

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