Really – FRIDAY!?!? Comcast (BOO-HISS!)

I am sitting here on August 15, 2011 typing this blog post in Word not on Blogger – why?   Because our internet and cable are completely out.  They were knocked out during a storm last night (Sunday) and I was just informed that I might not have cable until Friday – FRIDAY!!!!  WHAT THE HELL!  We pay our cable bill on time every month and you can’t seem to get anyone out here any sooner than FRIDAY!?  Not to mention the fact I was on hold for 20 minutes to speak to someone.  I have (had) so much to do this week between putting items on Etsy, my Paperclay Design Team Project (which I was able to log one really quick and publish) my show, Jillian’s Show – it is just a huge mess.
I have no access to email or internet reservations for the couple of days which is extremely difficult because I need to check those items.  I work from home and rely on internet not only to connect to the outside world but to run my businesses.  There have been very few times I hope I don’t sell anything and this week is one of them.  So I am sitting here while Booga sleeps and Jillian watches Lady and the Tramp typing this blog post in Word.  I am going to try and make the best of it and finish some more paintings and get stuff ready so when the internet is back up I can get everything done.  This just sucks!
I am a work at home mom who needs internet and the sad part was the woman at Comcast didn’t seem to care sad but true.  I was told I will get a credit for the time my cable and internet will be out it just seems a little ridiculous to have to wait 5 days for something to be fixed when I have been a loyal customer for years.
I am trying to look on the bright side I plan on getting several things crossed off my list

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