Paperclay Owls How To

I have officially started on my Christmas Ornaments for my Etsy Store.  I decided that I wanted to make hollow ornaments this year and maybe a couple of flat ornaments as well.  I will say this tutorial is a little more advance that most of the ones I do but with a little practice I promise you can make an ornament as well.  Also for this project I did Webcam shots touching my camera with clay hands is not advisable so this was the best hands free method I could think of.

Un-Sharpened Pencil or Bamboo Skewer
Water Balloon with no water
Creative Paperclay
Spray Bottle
Sculpting Tools
Circle Cutters (1/2″ and 1″)
Fondant Roller (Rolling Pin)
Exacto Knife (to place the ornament in to dry)
Sand Paper
Old Piece of a Panty Hose
Dust Mask
Acrylic Paint
Ornament Hanger

1.  Blow up the balloon.  Since this is a water balloon you do need a good set of lungs to do this.  Tie the balloon to an un-sharpened pencil or bamboo skewer.

2.  Roll out Creative Paperclay using either a clay roller, fondant roller, or a rolling pin.  Spray Balloon with water, place Paperclay around the balloon merge seams together with water and sculpting tools.  Leaving the top opened so the balloon can be pulled out.

3.  Taking a 1″ circle clay cutter or the top of a pill bottle (I used that because I couldn’t find my 1″ circle cutter.  Make an imprint on the left side of the owl and again on the right.  It is important that you do not push too hard (one you don’t want to break the balloon or make a hole in the clay).  Taking the 1/2″ circle cutter – I eyeball the small circle into the bigger circle.

4.  Taking a small piece of clay I formed a beak and attached the beak to the owl with some water.  Take two more small pieces of clay and make to equal cone shapes attach to the owl with a little water and sculpting tool.  These cones will be the horns for the owl.

5.  Rolling out another piece of clay cut two tear shaped pieces (these will be the wings).  Taking a sculpting tool make Xs across the top of the wing add a little water and place onto the owl, smooth with sculpting tool.

6.  Take another piece of clay cut out a moon shape and attach it to the backside of the owl.  Roll out a snake out of Paperclay and cut six equal pieces.  Use water to attach them to the underside of the owl (this will be the feet).
7.  Take a sculpting tool and refine all the edges of the eyes and add mouth to the beak.

8.  Allow to dry for 24 hours.  Pop the balloon.  Allow to dry for another 24 hours.

9.  Add the top of the head.  You may have to perform basic surgery on the owl with an Exacto knife to ensure proper smoothness of the Owl’s head.  Add a piece of clay so you can add an ornament hanger.  Allow to dry for 24 hours.

10.  Now that your owl is dry let the fun begin with Dust Mask on.  It is now time to sand your owl – it is up to you how much or how little you

11.  Paint your owl with acrylic paint – I used PLAID Apple Barrel Paints and seal with a sealer.

I want to apologize for the lack of finished photos – we had a bad storm and our internet has been out for a couple of days.  I published what I had.

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