Work In Progress Wednesday – No Internet

Well day three of no internet… it is growing on me because I have finished a ton of crap that has been on my list for quite some time.

  • Typed all Etsy write ups (felt bags, ornaments and paintings)
  • Finished Booga’s Thomas the Train Box Cover
  • Finished the back side of the Fish Felt Bag (I added cattails)
  • Made the princess Dolch Flash Cards

Works in progress:

  • Working on the 3 paintings (Giraffe, Hummingbird and Cougar)
  • Working on Booga’s Wall Art Painting of Thomas
  • Adding an Owl on a tree to the backside of the Owl Bag
  • I have even drawn some new digis

All in all I have gotten quite a bit done and maybe I needed this but it still sucks.  I know people did this for years but trying to explain to an almost 2 year old that Elmo is broken is hard.  Yes I am borrowing the neighbor’s internet bubble (that is why there is NO pictures) so I can publish this (I typed it in Word).  I also found out that Comcast wants to be my friend – I contacted them via the email address they gave me.  I hope that I can get something to happen quicker than Friday (ugh!)

So once again there will be NO show today or tomorrow because I have NO internet.

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