How to Make a Clothes Organizer (Super Easy!)

Dollar Store Clothes Organizer
So the Princess started school last week and so far so good but it has been a battle on the clothing front.  I am still a little baffled by this because she wears a “uniform” (khaki or navy pants, skirts, jumpers or shorts and a white or navy polo, white socks) you would think this would make my life easier.  Not really she sits there and stares at her clothes (even when I lay them out the night before).  I decided I wanted a shoe organizer that way she could just pick an outfit.I know this has more than likely been done a thousand times but I seriously so excited about this I did not go to Starbucks (I was by myself) and came home to construct it.  They frown upon constructing items like this in the Dollar Store.  It wasn’t like I pulled out the zip ties before I bought the items I was just stacking the crates to make sure it would be a snug fit.

I got the crates home and Jeff asked me what the crates were for.  I was so excited to tell him my awesome idea but Booga discovered the crates and I had to wait to put them together.  During nap time I pulled out the colorful zip ties (I also bought at the Dollar Store) and started to assemble.  I was so excited it went together so much better than I had planned.  I used two large zip ties on either side and four small zip ties in the inside.  I started with green and worked my way up and down.  It took about 20 minutes to put together.  Once it was completely put together I attached it to the Closet Genie I bought.  I was going to attach rope but Jeff was like it will be wobbly if you do that, just zip tie it.  He was right and it is surprisingly sturdy and now hangs in my daughters closet

Materials Needed:
5 Small Crates (I purchased mine at the Dollar Tree)
Zip Ties (Dollar Tree Purchase and they are Neon!)
Smart Hangers (Dollar Tree Purchase 2 in a pack)
Total Cost:  $7.00
Construction Time:  20 minutes (I rounded up – it was very easy to put together I was eating lunch while construction took place).

My Materials
The Booga playing with the crates
Close up of the zip ties
The crates stacked together
Jeff holding the crates for me
Such a good sport – Jeff holding the crate
In the closet with clothes in it – Not bad for $7.00 and 20 minutes worth of work.

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