Tasty Tuesday – Train Cupcake Topper How To

Thomas the Train Cupcake Topper
Booga turns 2 a week from today we never do over the top parties (too much stress and planning involved).  I always try and make something special for them.  I was going to do a train cake for Booga but it is still really hot here and I am afraid that it would melt.  After addressing my concerns with Jeff, he suggested that we just do cupcakes.  I admit I was a tiny bit disappointed but having a ton of cake leftover was not something I really wanted so I thought that he made a good point.  My mom sent me a gallon size baggie full of thread spools that I put in a box for later use.  Like most of my ideas this came about as I was trying to sleep.  I could make Booga a train cupcake topper.Materials Needed:
1 Normal Size Craft Stick
3 Empty Thread Spools (2 Normal Size – I used wooden, 1 Small – I used a black plastic one)
4 Birthday Candle Holders
Round Piece of Plaster or Wood
Hot Gun Gun
Craft Knife (I used my trusty Exacto Knife)
Paint (I used my craft paints to mix the PERFECT Thomas Color – see below)

I was really excited when my mom sent this to me.  A bag of spools.
My plan before I started
I mark off 3″ and cut the ends off
The craft stick with the ends off
A shot of how I hot glued the spools together
I hot glued the black plastic to the wooden spool.
I decided to put a piece of homemade plaster cast.
Primed wooden spools.
Painting the train Thomas Blue.
Painted the black and I sketched the pin stripping and painted the pin stripping white as a primer.
I painted all the pin stripping red and yellow.  I hot glued two candle holders to the bottom.
The Thomas Face
The top will hold two candle holders.  Spray will sealant.

I will say this took a little longer than I had anticipated (almost 3 hours) but I painted all the pin stripping and details on Thomas.

The recipe for the perfect Thomas Paint Color:
Folk Art #484 Ultramarine Blue
Folk Art #2555 Deep Ocean Blue
Folk Art #524 Calypso Blue
Apple Barrel # 2623 Caribean
Ceramcoat – Laguna Blue

I did equal Parts of U.M.B., D.O.B., C.B. and Caribean.  I did one squirt of L.B. and mixed together.  I did have a Thomas toy to compare.  Keep the leftover paint in an air tight container (I used and old paint jar).

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