Friday! Friday! Friday! With Nothing Finished…

Well I had planned to get a a Finished it Friday Post done but that really didn’t happen – my To-Do List had babies (and lots of babies) so I sit here on a Friday morning typing what I should be doing opposed to actually doing it.

  • My OWH Blog Hop Cards are so not ready to go – I have lost my card making mojo (maybe it ran off with my mind)
  • I have to write my Paperclay submission piece – which I am having a problems with because I started it on my show (meaning little or no photos).  Meaning there is a lot of things that need to be cut off.  I am seriously thinking of speeding it up and putting it to Benny Hill Music – it would at least be funny.
  • Since I am an over achiever and iCal is only as good as the person who inputs the information – I scheduled my blog post for yesterday not next week.  No big deal so another Paperclay project is in the works.

I did get some awesome new stuff to play with yesterday called Amazing Mold Putty.  I am having so much fun with it!  I am pretty sure my blog post on Thursday will revolve around using the Paperclay and this product.

Also tonight there will be The Odd Show – LIVE with myself and Leslierahye at 8PM EST

Tomorrow to celebrate World Card Making Day – The OWH Blog Hop as well as a special World Card Making Day Broadcast on Saturday, October 1st.  I hope you will join us on UStream at 7PM EST for some card making fun!

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