Glow in the Dark Nail Polish in a Pinch

I really wanted Glow in the Dark Nails for Halloween but I personally have always had problem with the nail polish not glowing enough.  I also did not want to run to the store for Nail Polish.  I decided to experiment a little with my PLAID® Glow in the Dark Paints.

Glow in the Dark Paint (I used PLAID® Yellow, Orange and GLO AWAY™)
Clear Coat Nail Polish (I used Sally Hansen® NO CHIP® Acrylic Top Coat)

 I painted the Orange on top and a strip of yellow to look like candy corn.
 I used GLO AWAY on the tips of the nails.

Clear coat applied over the top.  The GLO AWAY is a washable paint so a clear coat is needed to prevent it from being washed off.  It took two coats of Clear Coat and it glows wonderfully – I am very excited about showing off my nails tonight.

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