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How To Make A Blood Drip Necklace

How To Make A Blood Drip Necklace

Last week I needed an easy idea for my Girl Scout Troop, we are currently working on our Inventors Badge.  I wanted something that would make the girls think outside the box.  As with all my projects it had to be easy and cool, going with the “season” is a bonus. I was using my … Continue reading

Painting Pumpkins 2012

This is the first year both kids wanted to paint pumpkins (which me very happy.)  Last year only Booga painted a pumpkin and the princess’s pumpkin died on our kitchen table.  The princess really wants to enter her pumpkin into a contest at school, she decided to paint the Lorax on her pumpkin.  Booga decided … Continue reading

Finish it Friday!

My crazy busy week surprisingly I got a TON done (even on the Digi Shoppe!)  I also hope everyone is wearing purple today to show you are against Bullying!     I also did an awesome paper set for the Digi Shoppe and I have a special Freebie Friday! I hope y’all have a great … Continue reading

Homemade Ruby Slippers

Homemade Ruby Slippers

I have been creating Halloween Costumes like a crazy woman.  The Princess is going to be Dorothy for Halloween this year.  My mom found her an authentic Dorothy Dress at the Goodwill Store (I think it was $4.00) but she couldn’t find shoes.  The princess had a pair of red dress shoes that were a … Continue reading

Homemade iPod Costume

Homemade iPod Costume

I am sort of the neighborhood crafty person (i.e. phone calls for what paint or how to make something).  When our babysitter texted me a couple weeks back, “Hey could you help me make an iPod Costume?”  I said sure.  I found some ideas on Pinterest but they were a tad too, um revealing for … Continue reading

Halloween Week Long Party?!

Do you remember when Halloween was ONE night?  I do, some of my fondest memories are of Halloween.  Your costume planning started in July because you were competing for the “Top Prize” for your class – I won several times:  I was $100 Bill (it was a pillow case that my grandma drew the 100 … Continue reading

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish in a Pinch

I really wanted Glow in the Dark Nails for Halloween but I personally have always had problem with the nail polish not glowing enough.  I also did not want to run to the store for Nail Polish.  I decided to experiment a little with my PLAID® Glow in the Dark Paints. Materials:Glow in the Dark … Continue reading

Mummy Juice Boxes – Tasty Tuesday

I want to state upfront this was NOT my idea – Leslie Rahye did 24 mummy juice boxes for her daughter’s class using Duct Tape.  I thought it was an amazing idea so I decided to make them for my daughter’s class but with a twist, I decided to use Masking Tape opposed to Duct … Continue reading

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

I love Halloween it is my favorite time of year.  I have been everything from Raggedy Ann to The Evil Queen from Snow White.  I have been looking through some old pictures of the kids (and me) and came across some of my favorites: I was a Sophomore in High School and went as Alice … Continue reading

Paperclay Halloween Garden Stakes

This project is super easy and is a GREAT kids project!  Since I wanted to show how easy this project is I enrolled the help of my children (the princess and the Booga).  I will say this project was a little too advance for the Booga (he is 2 and thought we were making cookies … Continue reading