Handmade Tuesday – Show Your Support!

I hope everyone this season takes this pledge.  Buy local!  Buy from your local crafter or artist!  Support hardworking artists and crafters opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on cheaply made stuff from China.

Every artist and crafter I know takes their time and a part of themselves is in each piece they create.  It doesn’t roll off an assembly line it is made with love by hand.  Whether you purchase an item on Etsy, ArtFire or from a craft show you are helping the economy here.  Dying for that new sweater from J. Crew check out Etsy I am sure you will find something that was made by hand. 

Looking for an amazing pieces of jewelry, check out a couple of my favorite shops Lunar Skies and Corner Store Goddess.

Involve your children or grandchildren in creating something from the heart.  I have made and bought many things for many people.  The things I created or children helped create are held much more dearly than anything I have ever purchased.  Need an easy gift for a teacher?  How about an eye mask with bath salts? 

If you have children create traditions with them whether it is building Gingerbread Houses (ours were sort of a failure but it was fun), salt dough ornaments, hand prints (grandma and grandpa love anything with hand prints). 

Christmas should be memories and traditions (Great Grandma Mimi’s Pork Pies) not about how much money you spent on stuff that will be in the trash six months from now.  I know my kids are getting older and it will be harder the older they get to steer them away from the “hot” item of the season.  I am going to at least try to teach them that homemade is so much better than anything you can get on the store shelf because it is made with love.

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