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Handmade Tuesday – Show Your Support!

I hope everyone this season takes this pledge.  Buy local!  Buy from your local crafter or artist!  Support hardworking artists and crafters opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on cheaply made stuff from China. Every artist and crafter I know takes their time and a part of themselves is in each piece they create.  It … Continue reading

Homemade Liquid Soap

Homemade Liquid Soap

Browsing Pinterest last week I found a recipe for homemade liquid soap – I found this pin from the Savvy Housekeeping.  I was so excited because we only use Yardley’s Soap in our house (yes I buy it at the Dollar Store – it is one of the only soaps I can use).  I hate … Continue reading

Save Handmade!

This is extremely important to all crafters, artists, and parents alike. As an artist/crafter with small children I always make a point to use non-toxic items in most items I create. This law prevents me and other artist/crafters like me to sell any item that uses snaps, buttons, non-toxic paint, etc. to children under the … Continue reading