Thankful Thursdays…

Last year during the month of November I started Thankful Thursdays where I listed 10 things I am thankful for.  I figured since I am not quite in the holiday spirit I would try this again to get me in the spirit.

  1. My amazing husband – I love him to death, this year he was truly amazing with all my health problems.  He sat right next to me and held my hand, made me laugh and truly feel loved (I think he likes me – hehehehe.)
  2. My kids – even though Booga has hit the Terrible Twos and the Princess has hit “Divahood” I love them both to death.  I would never change either of them because they are both so amazing.
  3. My parents – I came very close to losing my dad this year, not once but twice (he is a very lucky man) I couldn’t imagine not being able to dial 1-800-DIAL-DAD when something goes wrong in my house.  My mom she came for a vacation and ended up being here for almost 3 months.  I am extremely grateful for that.  I also wished they lived closer – Skype has truly helped us keep in touch!  Booga loves his chats with Mom-mom Jude.
  4. My in-laws – they are amazing people (I wish lived closer).  My mother-in-law is extremely crafty (even though she doesn’t think so) and has amazing kids project.  My father-in-law is also an amazing generous man, who is an awesome babysitter (at least that is what the Princess told me!)
  5. My friends – I have forged amazing friendships through the internet.  They have kept me sane, I love being able to craft with them and ask for honest feedback on stuff I am working on.  I so wish they lived closer so we could craft together in person because there would be a lot of wine, glue and maybe glitter involved.
  6. My WebTV Show – I am having so much fun talking, crafting and sharing every Thursday.  I have stated I don’t care if one person or 100 people watch my show – I love doing it!  
  7. The Hive – I personally owe a lot to The Hive (a wonderful artistic community) I have learned so much from the amazing artists and crafters there.  I am amazed every day by the amount of talent there.  I have been blessed by many people especially when I was sick the out pouring was amazing and I am thankful for those wonderful people in my life!
  8. Design Teams – I am currently on three (really 4 but the one is mine).  Last year I would have never dreamed of being on a Design Team and I am on three.  They have really made me think outside the box, helping me become a better person and artist.
  9. My blog – My blog will be 2 tomorrow.  I never thought I would ever have a “following” but I do and I love it!  I have no idea where my blog will take me next year but I am loving the ride and am grateful for my followers.
  10. My iMac – I know this is really cheesy but I love my iMac.  I am so happy I made the switch and I love my giant screen and wireless key board that I manage to misplace every day.

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