The Art of Painting…

My daughter is 6 and loves to draw, color and paint (when I let her).  I decided to teach her how to paint while she was on Thanksgiving Break.  Every child loves to paint but I wanted to teach my daughter HOW TO paint.  I wanted to teach her proper brush care, how to hold the brush, do and don’t with paint (no white or black on her palette).  My daughter has watched me paint for years and has absorbed more by watching than I could have ever imagined.  She has an awesome Elementary Art Teacher; something I never had and it is just a matter of time before she surpasses me with her painting.  I don’t say that as a proud mom I say that as a teacher.  She has talent and a lot of talent, I will be grateful when she can surpass me in her painting (she has a ways to go but she will someday soon.)  I promise these photos are not staged they are really her painting.  I showed her how to use the brush and was told (quite sternly), “MOM, I CAN DO IT MYSELF!”  Her favorite brush was the fan brush, she loved painting grass.  I have to keep reminding myself she is only 6 and color theory is a little ways off.  I am very happy she loves to paint as much as I do.

My daughters first painting age 6 – acrylic
My first painting at age 7 – oil

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