Changes to the Blog

Yesterday, I once again decided to change my blog adding and subtracting items.  The one thing I am extremely proud of is “The Box” it took some time but I figured it out on my own (with no swearing).

This is only a screen shot so none of the buttons are active.

I know it is not prefect but I am happy to report after several hours of coding I figured it out (complete with rollover text).  I am not sure if I am going to do a tutorial because you need quite a bit of HTML knowledge and a program like Fireworks to create buttons and Dreamweaver for HTML.  It involved a test blog and lots of going back and forth.  Of course Google was my BFF on this endeavor.

It is nice to “free up” some space on my blog (less cluttered!)  I hope you like the new layout and expect more real soon!

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