How To Make a Rock Trivet

River Rock Trivet
I saw this idea on Pinterest but it was just a prop for the tea kettle:

I have several people in my life would truly enjoy something like this.  I decided to create a how to and create this awesome, very easy trivet for a Christmas Gift.

Everything I had to make this was on hand from other projects or was recycled.  I purchased nothing to make this project.

Chip Board (Mine was cut to 6″x6″ square.)
Decorative Pond Rocks (Purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Remember the flatter the better – I used 64 rocks for my 6″x6″ trivet.)
Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint (I used Apple Barrel Colors™ by PLAID®)
Gloss Medium & Varnish (I used Liquitex®)
***Aleene’s Origianl Tacky Glue®
***Aleene’s Jewel-It®
***Hot Glue Gun with Sticks
Exacto Knife
Metal Ruler
***One of these will work.  I used Tacky Glue® for the felt and Jewel-It® for the rocks.  Hot Glue would work for both.  I chose the Jewel-It® so I could get the rocks to fit a little closer together.

1.  Trace a shape (I chose square) onto the chipboard.  Cut out the chip board with an Exacto Knife and Metal Ruler.

2.  Paint the Chip Board Burnt Umber, allow to dry and apply Varnish.

3.  Attach felt with either Tacky Glue® or a Hot Glue Gun.

4.  Arrange rocks in either a random pattern or picture to fit on the square.

5.  Take one rock at a time and glue in place.  This will preserve your design and will save you a lot of time later.  Allow to dry.


6.  Congratulations you now have a unique trivet to give as a gift for Christmas.
My daughter helped paint the Chip Board, sort the rocks and decided on the pattern (we did a flower).

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