Light Bulb Necklace – Amazing Crafting Products

Have you ever had an insanely awesome idea and started creating it and realize there is no way you would ever finish it?  Yep meet the light bulb Necklace.  My original idea was a wreath made with resin light bulbs but I quickly realized that was NEVER going to happen because I had one and no desire to make 30 more (I blame the glitter).


Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Old Night Light Bulb
Paper Cups
Sand Paper
Mod Podge®
Glitter (I used Red)
Silver Jewelry Wire (20 Gauge)
Round Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Aleene’s® Jewel-It Glue®
Silver Paint Marker (Mine was PILOT®)
Red Suede Cord

1.  Create a two part mold of the light bulb – I enclosed a You Tube Video done by The Alumillite Corporation on how to create one.

 2.  Set your mold – I used rubber bands to hold my mold together, place in a paper cup.  Mix resin and pour resin into mold.

3.  Allow resin to cure and remove from mold.  Sand to remove any rough edges.

4.  Add Mod Podge® to the bulb part of the light bulb and pour glitter over the Mod Podge into paper cup.  Allow to dry.

5.  Color the top part with Silver Paint Marker and wrap with silver wire.  Glue the top part in place so it will not move.  Add cord.

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