How To Make a Bucket O Soldiers

The Booga is obsessed with Toy Story 1 and 2 (we don’t own 3) he quotes the movie.  My daughter really wanted to get Booga a Bucket O Soldiers so I looked around and found it on Amazon – $35.00 for 72 plastic army men that will be stepped on – I think NOT!  We went to the Dollar Store and found the Light Green Army Men a pack of 48 for $1.00 (more in my price range).  My daughter mentioned it would be really cool if we had a bucket to put them in.  I had been saving an Oatmeal Container just in case.  I looked at that and thought PERFECT!

The Bucket that cost $35.00

Oatmeal Container
Rustoleum Plastic Primer
Craft Paint (I used PLAID® – Bright Red, White and Colbalt Blues)
White Card Stock
Printer or Tracing Paper
Photo Editing Program (Photoshop or Gimp)
Stencil Font
Star Stencil
BIC® Deep Sea Blue Marker

The empty Oatmeal Container with the inspiration in the background.
My Spray Box in the garage – getting ready to spray.
Completely primed drying in the Spray Box.

 I did a special Who Are You Calling Crafty? – LIVE – showing how I started the Oatmeal Bucket.  I used Photoshop to create the font around the logo wings and traced it to the font onto the cover.  I then traced the top logo onto white card stock and colored the side with a Bic® Mark it™ (my printer is broken so I did it the long way – you could easily print everything out and glue everything on).
Photos of the finished bucket.
The soldiers in the bucket.
Another view of the bucket with the soldiers.
Soldiers in the bucket.
The soldiers trying to escape.
I hope this will help you think outside the box (or canister in this case) and reuse/recycle some old canisters.

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