Finish it Friday

It is the last Friday of 2011 I figured a Christmas roundup is in order.  This also a mobile edition because I really wanted to see how this worked.  One downfall none of the photos are watermarked until I figure out iwatermark.  I also can’t figure out how to add comments on what the photo is (an experiment for another time). First are the teacher’s gift and classroom gifts we made for my daughter’s class.  Next is an Etsy order I had – I did the font over the apple.  The Borax Ornaments I got the idea from my friend Leslierahye.  Next are the coffee mugs my daughter made for my husband and I for Christmas, using PLAID Enamel Paints.  Jeff’s Key Ring I made using Clear Casting Resin (Blog Post soon).  I repainted my daughter’s Piggie Bank to look like Ham from Toy Story.  The finger puppet Toy Story Alien (need to do a pattern for him). Finally my daughter at her desk using her light table she got for Christmas from my Grandma (she loves it!)

I hope everyone likes the LAST FINISH IT FRIDAY of 2011!  I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

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