Ten on Ten – Our Morning Routine

ten on ten button small

Ten on ten is a photography challenge where you take 10 photos in a day.  You were suppose to take one photo an hour for 10 hours.  I cheated with the Booga and the Princess I had to take multiple photos of each hour.  I used 10 photos by 3pm – lol.  I also used my cell phone which is what I have on me all the time.  I decided to take photos of my (our) morning routine with my phone and try this whole mobile blogging thing.

Coffee – Booga was awake at 5:30am

6:30 am – Not really digging the whole photo taking at breakfast
Breakfast 7am (she wouldn’t look at me)
7:45am Braiding the Princess’s Hair
8:00am Booga looking out the window waiting to take the Princess to school

9am Booga with the first of many hats coloring on “the desk”
10 am My strawberries
11 am Wearing Mommy’s Slippers

1pm YAY – 73 degrees!  I look at this often throughout the day.

2pm Watching Wubbzy before we head out to get the Princess from school

This was a lot of fun and I am pretty sure next month when I participate I am doing better quality photos and am going to follow directions a little better – lol.  I am really glad I documenting this because 10 years from now I would never remember our routine.

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