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A Photo A Day With My Kids

One of the things I started this year is a photo documentation project with my kids.  I really wanted to see how much they (and I) change in a year.  I came up with a hash tag (crazy I know) #photoadaywithmykid and each day I take a “selfie” with each kid.  They are loving it, … Continue reading

Striking a Balance

I did something I never in a million years thought I would ever do, I uninstalled the Facebook and Twitter Applications off my phone.  Why?  Because it dawned on me do people really want to know what I am doing every waking moment?  Do I really care that much about Facebook that I can’t go … Continue reading

What I did New Years Day 2013

I cleaned my pantry.  Boring I know but I did it anyways.  I took everything out and cleaned it (waxed the floors even) then I put it back together.  I have wrote about my pantry and it is a catch all for everything (it drives me bonkers!)  Today I just snapped, actually I stubbed my … Continue reading

Vacation Recap

Vacation Recap

I am sorry I have been M.I.A. the past couple of weeks but we went on vacation to Michigan for my brother’s wedding.  Instead of writing what we did each day I decided just to pick a couple photos of our trip from that day (in some cases multiple photos) and narrate our vacation that … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

The Princess has had so much fun recently taking photos I figured I should take a couple just because. Black Eyed Susans A Bee in a Cactus Flower Close up of the Bee  

Wordless Wednesday by the Princess

Pin ItMy daughter wants to enter a photography contest at school the theme is nature.  All I did on these photos was the watermarking (I didn’t even upload them). Dandelion –  ©2012 J.L. Marks Jasmine – ©2012 J.L. Marks Rainbow Leaf – ©2012 J.L. Marks Red Leaf – ©2012 J.L. Marks Strawberry – ©2012 J.L. … Continue reading