Thankful Thursday Teachers Gifts

One of a Kind Stationary Gifts
I needed a small gift for my daughter’s teachers (there are three in her class at all times) so I decided to make each teacher a stationary set, a suggestion of my friend Leslie (an easy project my daughter could help with).

15 blank cards
15 blank envelopes
Assorted Ink Pads

1.  Tape four cards together to ensure it doesn’t move.  You will have to stamp the fifth card individually (I let my daughter do this part).

2.  Stamp image (sorry no photos of my daughter it was easier to set up on my desk and me take the photos with the webcam).  Switching stamps and colors stamp in the white space.

3.  Stamp back of envelope and take the ink pad and rub around the edges of the cards and envelopes.

4.  Tie them up with coordinating ribbon in packs of 5.

This was a really easy project and I know my daughter’s teachers will love these!

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