Nothing is Finished Friday…

I had more ideas than completions this week (I did get the notecards done so one more completion than Tim Tebow).

I am currently working on a Wedding Album (the actual Album) for my wedding – one step closer to completion my wedding scrapbook.

It is a piece of chip board covered with fabric.  It isn’t just any fabric it is leftover fabric from my Wedding Dress.

Since the front was a pain in the behind to wrap with fabric the back is going to be done with tissue paper.   This project is for the Love Cast in Clay Blog Hop Feb 1st.  So this is still a long way from being finished!

I am quite excited about some of the ideas I had this week but they need a little more planning before I start posting them.

Also don’t forget to check out A.J.’s Digi Shoppe™ Blog for today’s Freebie!  If you like it let me know by leaving a comment on that blog post – I love feedback.

Also tomorrow is DATE NIGHT!!!!  My husband and I are eating at Cha-Bella’s and attending a Gregg Allman Concert (full report on Monday) I am so excited.  I hope everyone has a great weekend (I know I am.)

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