How To Make an Amelia Bedelia No Sew Costume

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Friday was Book Character Day at my daughter’s school which meant I had to make her a costume.  My daughter loves Amelia Bedelia so I knew I would be making an Amelia Bedelia costume.  I really didn’t want to pull out my sewing machine so I was determined to make a No Sew project.

Cereal Box
Head Band
Scarp Fabric (Navy Blue)
Flowers (I made mine out of Delight™ clay and Dew Drops)
Hot Glue Gun
White Pillow Case
Seam Ripper

1.  Draw the four scallops on the cereal box.  Trace the headband along the bottom and cut the bottom so it folds over the headband and hot glue it together.

2.  Trying the headband on for size (look no glasses and yes I really can see)

3.  Hot glue the cereal box and headband to the fabric.

4.  Hot glue the fabric to the backside and cut out the headband.

5.  Add flowers with hot glue (if using Delight™ paint and add Dew Drops first).

As you can see my Princess was thrilled with her hat!

The No Sew Apron

1.  White Pillowcase

2.  Take a seam ripper and rip out the seam.

3.  Find a template (mine is an apron my mother-in-law made the princess).

4.  Move the template to the edge of the pillowcase (then you won’t have to hem that side).  Take a piece of chalk, trace the template and cut out.  Cut out the straps, center piece and ruffles.

5.  Hem all the cut edges by hot gluing and folding over the fabric.  To make ruffles and straps: Take the hot glue gun, hem the edges and fold over.  Trim excess fabric.  You will need 2 equal straps for the waist and one strap for the neck (the finished straps are 1″ wide).  The ruffle and waist band finished width is 2″.

6.  Adding ruffles glue 1″ fold 1/2″ glue and repeat the whole length of the arm hole.  Attach neck strap, waist band and tie straps to the back with hot glue.

Add a navy blue skirt, turtle neck and tights to complete the look.
In hindsight it probably would have been faster to pull out the sewing machine but I had fun making it and I had few burns 🙂

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