Tasty Tuesday – Gardening Edition

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I know it seems really early but my daffodils are up and that means I need to get stuff in the ground!  This weekend my mother-in-law, the Booga and I cleaned the vegetable beds.  The princess and I also started seeds and I am hoping the seeds will fair better than last year (remember the hail storm – I do).

I am finally doing raised beds with Cinder Blocks, I plan on doing 6 – 4’x4′ beds – I really did ask my husband for Cinder Blocks and Dirt for Valentine’s Day (yes I am such a romantic – lol!)

Isn’t the plan pretty and the best part it is to scale!
Before we got to work (Booga and I)

My helper

See he really did help clean up the leaves

Before he realized he could jump in the leaves

Our picnic lunch that daddy and the Princess brought us.

Yum – cookie! (My mother-in-laws legs – lol)

Planting seeds

The concentration of seed planting

So here is hoping my little seeds do fantastic and start sprouting and I will have lots to plant!  Pictures will be posted as soon as they sprout.

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