Amazing Crafting Products – CHA Scrapbook Layout

This was my CHA Project for Amazing Crafting Products!  I hope everyone likes it I had fun making it!
Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Amazing Clear Cast
Alumilite Blue Dye
Alumilite Metallic Powder Gold
Rubber to Rubber
Stamp Pads assorted Colors
2 – White Sheets of Card Stock 8 ½” x 11”
2 – Bright Blue Sheets of Card Stock (Paperbilites)
1 – White sheet of paper
Kneaded Eraser
Glue (Zots and Glue runner)
Assorted Paint
Craft Foam
Scrap Paper
1.     Take Equal Parts of Amazing Mold Putty Part A and Part B.   Add Rubber to Rubber to mold before mixing A and B together.
2.     Mix together.
3.     Until fully mixed – it will be a uniformed color.
4.     Place Putty into mold.  Allow to set for 3-10 minutes before removing.
5.     Unmold mold.
6.     Trim excess putty from around stamp
7.     Mount onto a block or a spool with glue.
8.     The stamp piece is now finished.

1.    Draw a grid lightly with Pencil. 
2.     Take Stamp and stamp in a pattern across the gridded paper.
3.     Once it is completely stamped allow ink to dry for 20 minutes before erasing lines.
4.     Erase lines with a Kneaded Eraser.


1.     Cut stamped paper in half and place on 2 sheets of white card stock.
2.     Trace template of Tunic onto Blue Paper and cute out.
3.     Line up tunic (blue Paper) and glue down.

1.     Find objects to mold.  Take equal parts of A and B and mix together.
2.     Place objects into mold putty.  Allow objects to set for 3-10 minutes and then unmold the objects.
3.     Patches also work nicely in the mold putty.
4.     Unmold all pieces.
5.     Take Alumilite Mica Powders and dust the mold before mixing the resin.  Using Amazing Casting Resin – take equal parts of A and B mix in a paper cup with a craft stick and pour in molds.
6.     Allow to set for 10 – 20 minutes before unmolding.
7.     Take Clear Cast Resin mix 1 drop of Alumilite Blue Dye with Part and mix together Part A and Part B in a paper cup with a craft stick.  Pour in mold and allow piece to set for 12-24 hours before unmolding.
8.     To create a paperclip embellishment:  add a paperclip to the casting resin.  It will need to be held in place until the resin sets about 3 minutes.
1.     Print out or trace letting for title.  Color title with preferred medium.  Cut out each letter and glue onto another sheet of white card stock.  Cut each letter out leaving and 1/8” boarder this will give the illusion of a patch.
2.     Paint pieces and applying lettering.  The Font used throughout the piece is Doodle Love Letters.  The lettering on the patches represents what each patch means.
3.     The Badge was created from Yellow Craft Foam that was colored with a Bic® Mark-it Marker to match the color of the original badge.  The resin pieces were glued on with Zots to ensure the piece is Acid Free as well as holding the “pins” in place.
4.     The other patches were created with paper to look like the original patches on the Tunic.  The date replaces the patch that is supposed to have the Council.
5.     Finished piece with pictures added.


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