Superbowl Sunday – Tasty Tuesday!

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Superbowl Sunday is always involves the “Chili Bowl” our good friend Jamie always makes chili (hot and melt your brain, radioactive hot) and has people over.  There is always tons of great food, great beer and conversation with great people.  This year I wanted to try a new recipe I found on Pinterest – Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker.

Verdict:  I was offered several foot massages at the Superbowl party for my hard work.  Any food that involves people telling me I deserve a foot massage for making an item, immediately goes into the make for every party file 😛

Jeff helping me with the cupcakes.  The face is why I got out the bigger pans – lol.

Mini Cupcakes out of the oven.

Whiskey in the chocolate = YUMMY!!!!

Look we have whiskey chocolate, Guinness chocolate cupcakes.

Did I mention Baileys Frosting?  Oh yes, I can not even describe the yumminess of this frosting.

I made extra for my neighbors – they all gave them two giant thumbs up!

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner I think everyone needs to make these awesome cupcakes!  Click Here for the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.

Notes on the Whiskey Gauche – I used 4 tsp instead of 2 tsp
Notes for the Frosting – I used 7 TBSP instead of 6 TBSP

4 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday – Tasty Tuesday!

  1. Mmmmm whiskey cupcakes, how could you say "no" to that! I am totally going to make these when tailgating season starts up.PS. Major props for the Bushmills (you do not get a better Irish whiskey than that)!

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