Garden Edition- Tasty Tuesday

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Since my daffodils are blooming I knew it was time to really get cracking on the garden.  This weekend I was a planting machine.  I plated 6 crowns of asparagus (that I forgot I had), 39 seed of corn (2 1/4 rows), 180 seed of Sugar Snap Peas, 36 pole beans, 20 sunflower seeds, carrots, beets, onions and some cauliflower.  I have know idea if my seeds are good or if any of this will even come up that is why I planted a ton.  I figure if I get 1/4 of this I will be pretty pleased.

Booga the helper

Digging the trench for the asparagus


Finished Garden Corn and Peas

Pole Beans and where the raised bed will be.


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