Robin’s Nest – Washington’s Cherry Tree

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For Christmas I received and awesome vinetage craft book called “The Craft Book for Children: Sticks & Stones & Ice Cream Cones” from a friend and one of the projects was Washington’s Cherry Tree.

Tree Template
Cereal Box
The Robin’s Nest Stencil Green Paper on Linen Card Stock
The Robin’s Nest Brown Zebra Stripe
Red Dew Drops
Light Green Tear Drops
3D Crystal Lacquer
Meadow Green Bic® Mark-it™
Woodsy Brown Bic® Mark-it™

Trace Template (mine came from the book:  “The Craft Book for Children: Sticks & Stones & Ice Cream Cones”)

Trace the tree onto the cereal box.  Two trees will be needed in order for the tree to the stand.

Cut out the trees

Test to see if the tree stands.

Trace the trees onto the paper (you will need four bushes and four trunks).  Glue the paper onto the cereal boxes, add ink onto edges to hide the cardboard.

Add Dew Drops to look like cherries.

The project was extremely easy and fun.  My daughter made her own version on President’s Day without Robin’s Nest Papers and Dew Drops (I’m a big meanie, I know!)



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