Has Pinterest Stopped My Creativity?

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I love Pinterest!  Even with the latest controversy of copyright infringement issues, I still love Pinterest.  I find so many wonderful recipes, crafting ideas, products and of course new blogs.  I find myself looking for ideas I go to Pinterest and look through my boards, instead of doing what I use to do going through my stash of magazines and books.  I get what I think is a fantastic “new” idea and I log into Pinterest and there it is.  Disheartening as it may be I abandon the wonderful idea altogether.  For me this is a hard thing to swallow because I have always been a fairly creative person and try to think outside the box on a regular basis.  Not that I haven’t done projects from magazines or blogs before but this is different, people automatically think, oh she got that off of Pinterest.  Is that a bad thing?  No not at all but I feel my originality has suffered.

My readers may or may not have noticed the lack of new ideas or projects, but I do.  I don’t do nearly as many tutorials as I use to, one could make an argument I am on too many design teams but that isn’t it.  The truth is I feel I have lost my groove, I log into Pinterest and see my idea done by someone else.  I miss the days where I could blindly create items, thinking I was the only person in the world creating this item.  I also know there is no such thing as an original idea, someone, somewhere has already created something like it.  Maybe I am too hard on myself thinking every project I do has to be perfect because what if someone sees it on Pinterest?

I have thought about this quite a bit recently, especially since I feel like I have hit a huge brick wall.  I found an old box of slides if work I did years ago and decided I needed to get back to “my roots.”  Pinterest is a wonderful resource as I said and I would be lying if I said other wise.  I have gotten quite a bit of traffic from Pinterest and I am grateful for that

Unlike a lot of people I know I am keeping all of my boards and I will continue to pin my stuff and stuff I like.  I just won’t be spending a ton of time on Pinterest because I feel it really has interrupted my “mojo” and I hope this will help me get to where I want to be creatively.


One thought on “Has Pinterest Stopped My Creativity?

  1. Hi Amanda,I think I am feeling somewhat like you. I have not been putting my thoughts into making things rather making notes and collecting to many ideas for things I just have to make and into doing them. I also think that maybe Pinterest has affected me also. It could be just having another birthday. I turned 55 years old the last part of February Hard for me to beleive but true. Do I feel old No. Do I act old I do not think so Yes I am limited by my health what I can do. For me I have found myself thinking will anyone like things I have made years from now how many things I want to do will I get them all done. I want to spend alot time with my hubby Dana and Little Heidi. My Friends I can have time for myself bless my Dana he loves me making things and keeping active. So, you are not feeling your age I do not think. We are both at some what of a stand still Maybe i am seeing so many things i would love to make Instead of me taking that time and looking at it as being a lot of time needed yet to get done. Maybe I should start to focus on taking each day as it comes. In my High School year book I wrote I wanted to live each day to the fullest and maybe I need to try and get back to that and not measure my time as what is left and take it and say whatever I can make and do make is what counts not to me in numbers but things that I really really want to make that part will be hard to list but maybe you and I being at this same point is saying for us to help each other and others like us to do what we can and not focus on not beng able to make and make and make just a thought. I am sure we will find others that feel the same way and we can encourage each other?? So Pinterest and I will not be very often anymore it is becoming somewhat of a negative point anyway hugs sweetie and love an prayers Love you Bev

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