My Lack of Strawberries and a Garden

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One would think with the amount of strawberry plants I have I would have enough to make jelly, strawberry shortcake, etc.  Not so much see I have what one would call a Booga (Booga: noun, a toddler boy who understands the word no but chooses not to listen to said authority figure) who eats my green strawberries.

My strawberry plants are bare or have berries like this:

I do have pea plants (a ton of pea plants) but nothing and I mean NOTHING has survived (beans, corn, squash, etc.).  I have an overzealous Booga who thought my seedlings needed special care (i.e. Bubble solution dumped on the seedlings that I was hardening outside).  I have none not one tomato plants survived the Booga, which is quite disappointing so it looks like I will be buying some tomato, pepper plants  and maybe a cucumber plant just so I have something.  As late as it is to be planting one tomato plant is better than none.  I am hoping next year my Booga will lose some of his Booganess and I will be able to actually have a real garden.  Until then I will take the one or two tomato plants I buy and keep bubble solution far, far away from them.


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