Blog Revamp Progress

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Ummm… slow beyond slow (I think grass grows faster).  I worked on it this weekend and came to a a HUGE brick wall with the HTML coding.  I was hoping to figure it out but I must admit this is far beyond anything I have ever attempted.  Also I can’t find directions on how to remove the sidebar widgets (which my whole blog is formatted to) and how to add information to a tab display.  So I think I am going to leave it on the test blog for a while and see if I can chip away at it.

I did notice several things on my blog that I am in the process of changing (like broken links for photos – wow my cake page was a diaster!)  I hope to have that page fixed soon.

I want to thank everyone for being so patient on my blog tweaking, I get bored easily with a design.  I do think if I figure this one out I don’t think I will be changing it for a while, lol.


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