Spring Break Project Day 1 – Painting Clay Pots

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Yesterday I decided to let the kids paint (I blame the Sudaphed) I covered the table and figured why not.  I went out to the garage and found some Terra Cotta Pots one for each child and decided to let them at the pots with the paint.

They were both extremely happy that I let the paint and left the table covered with paper so more projects can happen this week.  I also have to fantastic Keepsakes now and once I seal them I can put them outdoors.

Clay Pots (I washed mine with soap and water and they painted those)
Paint – We use PLAID® Paints (a variety they named a color and I pulled it out) and I am going to seal the with the PLAID Outdoor Sealer.
Styrofoam Plates (palettes)
Paper for the table
Tape (to tape the paper down)
Paint Shirt or Apron

Prepare work station (for Booga took the shirt off).  Paint shirt or an apron for the Princess.  Prepare bath water for the smaller child before you start (there will be less paint in places it should not be this way.)  Let them have fun (I know mine did!)  I will take pictures once I get flowers in them too.

Booga Painting

The Princess painting her pot

Booga got tired of painting the pot and decided painting his tummy was so much better.

Booga’s Pot – I think more paint got on Booga than the por

The Princess’s Pot


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