My FAIL Project

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I remember that one of my New Year Resolutions was to show my FAIL Projects.  Here is the first FAIL in long, long time.

My sketch a beautiful “Faux Stained Glass Card”
That would be both 3D Crystal Lacquer and Gallery Glass in the molds neither want to come out.  Now to figure out how to get the stuff out so I can try it again.

I don’t even know where to begin on the EPIC FAIL of this project I hope to be able to work on this some more but it definitely won’t be ready for this weekend’s post.

I also know what some of you are thinking – this is not a FAIL.  I promise you it really is because I can’t get the crap out of the mold.  Nothing in the directions say to use a release or baby powder (which I should have).  I am going to try to get it out and maybe try again.

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