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Always Double Check…

I am going to state upfront this is not one of my finest moments, it is pretty damn embarrassing but there is a lesson to be learned in my misfortune. Yesterday, was a crazy busy day, work was insane. I spent all day making reservations, doing amenities, normal concierge duties. I was trying to leave … Continue reading

Sometimes You Get Bamboozled

I consider myself a person with a good head on her shoulders. Can point out a fraudster almost immediately, I have worked in hospitality for over 20 years and you get good at this. I have over the years helped catch a Travelers Check scheme, credit card fraud, and numerous fake bills. I would say … Continue reading

My Biggest FAIL Fixed

My Biggest FAIL Fixed

I have posted in the past I don’t have many FAILS but when I do they are EPIC on so many levels.  I am now going to introduce you to my Biggest FAIL, my kitchen cabinets.  Five years ago we moved into our house and our cabinets were oak (or so I thought) and I have never … Continue reading

My FAIL Project

Pin ItI remember that one of my New Year Resolutions was to show my FAIL Projects.  Here is the first FAIL in long, long time. My sketch a beautiful “Faux Stained Glass Card” That would be both 3D Crystal Lacquer and Gallery Glass in the molds neither want to come out.  Now to figure out … Continue reading