Penny Coasters for Amazing Crafting Products

I love coasters and am constantly looking for things to make coasters out of.  This idea came from our afternoon walks and the pennies we find almost daily.

My Penny Coaster – works great for a beer or tea coaster (I keep it at my desk)
1.  Materials: Pennies, Amazing Clear Cast Resin, Coffee Lid, Copper Mica Powder
2.  Line the coffee lid with pennies.
3.  Mix resin according to package and pour the resin.
4.  A shot of the resin curing.
5.  I added a little bit of Copper Mica Powder to the top just for intrest.  Allow to dry undisturbed for 24- 48 hours un-mold.

2 thoughts on “Penny Coasters for Amazing Crafting Products

  1. A link to the instructions would be mighty helpful. I’ve been searching through your blog and can’t find it.

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