Rose Water Escapades…

Pin ItThe rose photo were taken by the Princess:

Many of you know I have roses in my back yard, they are beautiful.  I have clipped a couple to bring inside but I have a ton that have blossomed so I decided I need to find something to do with them.  I once again Googled How to make Rose Water, everything I read was you need enamel pots and all this other stuff.  I found one on Tip Nut which had various ways to make rose water and I found the one I was looking for (QUICK AND EASY!)

Rose petals 1 cup tightly packed (I had a small bucket full of petals)
2 Cups Water – Boiling
4 Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup
Craft Sick (used to stir)

Take rose petals and place them in the Pyrex Measuring Cup.  Pour boiling water over the rose petals.  Allow to cool.  Strain rose petals from the water.  Pour the water into a sterile container.
Recipe Makes 16oz

Rose Body Spray:
1 Cup Rose Water
1 TBSP Isopropyl Alcohol

Mix everything together and put in a spray bottle.

Rose Bath Oil:
1 TBSP Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup Rose Water

Mix together rose water and coconut oil.  Put in a sterile container.

Rose Petal Powder:
Petals from 4 Medium Roses
1 Cup Corn Starch
3TBSP Baking Soda
3 Dried Roses

In a small box, layer the petals and cornstarch.  Fit the cover on but don’t seal tight, you want the contents to still have a bit of air.  Leave for 24 to 36 hours.

Sift the pieces from cornstarch then ass the baking soda (you may have to sift a few times to remove all the petals).  Mix well then the powder mixture into two batches.

Next take the dried roses, remove the stem and leaves and add the rose heads to one half of the powder mixture.  Pour into a blender and mix until the dried flowers are finely ground.

Add the fine ground powder mixture to the other half of the powder mixture, use a wooden spoon to blend the powder by hand.

Pour the scented powder into a decorative box or shaker jar, allow to sit for a day before using.


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