New Blog – New Logo

I have loved my “watermark” for a while I love the leaf and the colors but I didn’t draw it. I always felt a tad guilty using it as my watermark because it wan’t my leaf – it was some person who worked a Adobe’s Leaf. I guess I never really thought about it until I realized I really needed to do a Facebook Banner – why not make my own. I too the flower I drew for a sheet of digital paper and decided to create a logo with that. I am quite pleased with how it turned out and I can honestly say it is mine now!

I do plan on in the next couple of weeks redoing the Who Are You Calling Crafty?  Banner as well my daughter say it is a tad Childish but I like it so I have no idea how much that will actually change because if I change that I have to change everything and that seems like a huge pain in the behind – lol.

Old Logo – a little bright than the new one

New logo – muted green, I do really like the flower in the center

I also did my Facebook Banner this week something I had put it off for a while – it looks much better on the Facebook Page.


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