Year End Teacher Thank You Gifts

Year End Teacher's Gift

Every year I try to think of something different to say Thank You to my daughters teachers.  This year with the help of my hydrangeas blooming a month early I had beautiful pink hydrangeas to share.  I also had seed packets that I decided to share with them as well – I picked them up at the Dollar Tree (honestly they are the only seeds I can grow – lol).  Creating some stamped paper with my Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads I created a one of a kind paper.  I took my Thank You stamp and stamped it in the middle of each card and glues it to the back side of the seed packet.

The coffee mug was almost 4 months in the making it was originally going to be a surprise for my daughter’s teacher but surprising her turned out being way more difficult than I had planned.  I ended up spilling the beans so I could actually get it finished.

I used PLAID® Enamel Paints on the coffee mug.  Each circle will contain the fingerprints for every student in the class (their names under each fingerprint.)  The idea came from my friend Leslierahye – she did a fundraiser and did the bees on a bucket with paint, it was so cute!  I hand painted everything, including the names with a liner brush.  I ended up bringing the yellow paint with me to school (for a function this week) so I could get the mug finished.  I also set everything with my oven 350 degrees at 30 minutes.  It is now top rack dish washer safe!

Please Note I did smudge out all the names of my daughter’s teachers and classmates but it does not take away from the mug.

The finished gifts with the flowers:

All three gifts for three amazing ladies who made an amazing, lasting impression on my daughter and her classmates lives.  I love them all so very much!

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