Soft Pretzels – Tasty Tuesday

We traditionally don’t have a lot of snack foods in our house primarily because I would eat them all.  I love soft pretzels, I would buy the microwavable ones when in college and would eat the whole box with mustard for dinner.  One of the magazines my daughter gets is Big Backyard (from the National Wildlife Federation) on page 31 of the June/July 2012 Issues there were Sea Star Pretzels.  She has been bugging me for weeks to make these, I finally decided okay.  Considering the last time I made pretzels was in 8th grade and they were a HUGE FAIL (a thing my dad was kind enough to point out when I talked to him on the phone).  I was really apprehensive about making them with the kids but we had fun and they turned out great!

This recipe makes a TON of pretzels (we ended up freezing some for later) and next time we make these we will be doing nuggets only, the kids got bored rolling out pretzels.  Over all I would have to say the pretzels turned out fantastic and it was a SUCCESS!

The Princess showing me her Sea Star Pretzel that she started eating.


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