What I am working on

I have been updating my Etsy Store (I actually re-listed a ton of things) this weekend.  My goal is to have the Wizard of Oz figures up by the weekend.  I have two more to go.  I finished the Tin Woods Man and the Scarecrow.  I can’t even described how pleased I am how they turned out.  The Scarecrow took all day Saturday to paint but the end result was so worth it.  The Tin Wood Man looks just how I imagine which makes me giddy.  Dorothy is coming much more slowly than the rest.  I have had numerous problems with her beginning with the proportions of the base which meant I needed to rip the base off completely and rebuild it.  Then there was the basket.  I went through and created a basket out of raphia and weaved it together.  The end result it fantastic but the craziness of that can’t even be described.

The Lion has not been started yet.  Fur has been dyed but I am still on the fence on how I want him done because inserting fur on the whole body I am pretty sure will not work.  So I am thinking that I need to build him out of clay and add the texture that way.  I am still up in the air.  I do know the mane will be real fur since I took the time to dye it.



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