Green Truck on a Tasty Tuesday

I never write restaurant reviews primarily because we rarely eat out.  On Saturday we decided to go out for dinner, I wanted a burger (which is weird because I don’t eat a ton of meat because it makes me sick.)  I didn’t just want a burger I wanted a REAL burger with real meat (no fast food).  I mentioned this to Jeff and he said how about Green Truck?  I was practically jumping up and down saying yes.  Green Truck is a fairly new restaurant in Savannah that uses all locally grown organic items.  They make EVERYTHING from scratch from the ketchup (that my husband could drink with a straw) to the ranch dressing and the fries (I swear dreams are made of them), everything was fantastic.  Jeff usually does take out from there on Fridays (they do take out Friday and 95% of the time it is Green Truck) but I had not tried it.  I have asked not to elaborate too much on how excellent his Friday night meals are because I usually eat cold over cooked rice (Fridays are really busy for the reservations line especially during the dinner hour.)

The family waiting outside for a table at Green Truck.  The wait wasn’t bad about 10 minutes I know people who have waited close to 2 hours to eat here (yes it is that good!)

The inside is quite cozy and all booths which made containing a Booga much easier.  I always have coloring books and crayons on me just in case we go somewhere that doesn’t have that.  Booga thought everything was great and then after looking around started screaming and pointing at the bar, “CHUCK CLOSE!  CHUCK CLOSE!”   Sure enough the bartender looked like a young Chuck Close (if they would have been slower (not a Saturday night) I would have asked him for a picture with Booga.

The Princess and Jeff waiting for our food.

Booga and I waiting for our food.

Our food arrived quite quickly the kids ordered hot dogs which were made with grass feed, no hormone beef (I tried Booga’s EXCELLENT!) on a plate of their amazing french fries.  I put the homemade ketchup on Booga’s plate and I thought he was going to flip, he wouldn’t try it and told me it wasn’t ketchup (since it is homemade it is chinky and not that deep red).  In the eyes of an almost 3 year old that was not ketchup and he wanted it off his plate so I ate several of his fries in return he ate several of mine.  Jeff got a peach cheese quesadilla with homemade black bean salsa (he let me try it – it was good).  I got the classic burger with provolone cheese, homemade pickles, fresh onions, tomato lettuce with a side of ranch dressing.  I can not even tell you how juicy and fantastic that burger was (matter of fact my mouth is watering just thinking about it) it satisfied the burger/meat craving!

What the kids got an “Octo-Dog” with those yummy fries!

My burger – the Classic with Provolone Cheese. I also got a side of ranch and nothing says homemade ranch but a big old clove of garlic in the ranch (my goal was to fend off vampires and since I am typing this I deem it a huge success!)

I want to BUILD THIS! I went through and saw this and was trying to build it in my head. I will make one of these some days!

I can not wait to go back and from now on when Jeff says it is Green Truck Friday at work I will do the pouty face because Green Truck is FANTASTIC!

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