What I did this weekend…

My desk (old drafting table) has been leaning quite a bit so I decided that I needed a “new” desk for my computer.  The changing table that we used for Booga was getting a tad too small for him and really needed to come out of his room.  The table was my first drawing table my dad made for me.  He took a table he built for my mom, he added a hinge and some metal bars to it so it would “stand” and screwed a power strip to the side of it.  I admit I was less than pleased my dad made me a drafting table, I wanted a “real one” not a homemade one.  Did I mention my dad was a carpenter and has built amazing stuff?  For some reason my adolescent brain would not let me accept the fact my dad could build a drafting/drawing table better than any store bought one.  I finally agreed to let my dad make me one from a table he built.  I used it all the time in high school and when I got my own apartment in college my parents brought it to Savannah.  I used it  for painting projects and messier things – the drafting table was strictly for architecture stuff because it was bigger.  In college I went through and Mod Podged (rather poorly) some mementoes that were photocopied to the table but it was always a work in progress.  When my daughter was born (or soon to be born) I realized the day she was born I did not have a changing table (freaking out) my mom and I converted it into a “changing table.”  We added the wall paper border and some paint over the previously Mod Podged pieces and then sealed it with some type of clear coat (I was pregnant so they didn’t let me touch it).  Fast forward almost seven years the table was flaking whatever was used to seal it and I needed a table for my computer.

I spent Sunday scrapping and refinishing the table thinking this would be a fairly easy chore I got to work stripping the wallpaper off the table only to discover the poorly Mod Podged pieces underneath.  After several hours of spraying  a vinegar and water mixture  and scrapping it off, I had a beautiful bare wood table top that I promptly painted Chalkboard paint over.  I have always wanted a chalkboard table and I had a pint in the garage and I knew this was my chance to finally get it.  Two coats and help from the Booga I had a chalkboard table desk.  Jeff moved the very heavy table into its new home so I could begin the process of making a crafting/art nook opposed to a craft/art phone booth.

I sent photos of the table to my dad of what I did to the table and he was so happy (I got a “Told You So” from him, which is cool because it is dad.)  I am so happy my dad made me the drafting table because I don’t have to worry about it collapsing (trust me the table is as old as me and is perfect, heavy as hell too.)

1.  Strip all the old paint/paper off the table.

2.  Find interesting stuff under the old finish – I chose to remove these items.

3.  Have someone drive cars on your work area make the time go by faster.  Sand and clean area before painting.

4.  Paint with Krylon Chalkboard Paint and use a FOAM BRUSH!  Allow to dry for 24 hours before drawing on the table.

Booga testing the new chalkboard!

I do still have the drafting table out but there isn’t nearly as much stuff on it as before and I can set it up as a work area separate from my computer (water when painting has always been a concern of mine.)


So here are the Before and After (please excuse the mess in each – I snapped the photo right before I started clearing stuff away for furniture movement).  The Art/Craft Nook is still a work in progress.

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