What I’m working on

I know I get back from vacation and I am still slacking on posts?  Yes and no.  We survived the first week of First Grade and I can’t believe what they are already learning.  We finished James and the Giant Peach and got the movie from Netflix (great movie quite true to the book.)  We started reading “Little House on the Prairie” and as a fan of the series I am very excited to share this with my daughter.  There was many moments this week that made me stop and think, my little girl is so big but the one that really stands out.  The Princess asked to read Chapter 2 of Little House all by herself.  I told her sure but she had to read it outloud.  She did a great job (I was/am extremely proud of her) and I was a little sad that she is getting so big.

I am finishing fairies and starting on a new Top Secret project for publication into a Doll Magazine.  I am excited but really scared not because of rejection because I am in unexplored waters.  Painting and art magazines no problem but doll that is scary.  Dolls have always been my mom’s speciality not mine but I have slowly made the transition into dolls.  I promise I will share photos later either after rejection or after publication.

I am almost two weeks with no microwave and so far I don’t miss it too much (I hope it stays like this).  I have some really easy yummy recipes coming up.  I promise to get some how-to together very soon they will be stuff you can do with a Daisy (or Brownie) Girl Scouts because scouting is starting!

Here are some photos from this week I shared on Instagram (ajsarts).

First day of school 2012


Booga’s new obsession The Muppets – Mahna Mahna


One more thing if your almost 3 year old says “I want to be Bort!  Bort!  Bort! For Halloween.”  You know you are doing something right!  Have a fantastic Holiday Weekend!

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