The Booga is 3!

Today my little man turns 3.  I must admit I am a tad saddened by the fact he is 3 he is not a baby anymore.  Matter of fact potty training should have started already but with vacation, re-adjusting to a schedule has been priority and we need to buy Thomas underwear.  I am so proud of him, I love his giant hugs, the bad Booga grin and how he says, “I love you mommy.”  Here are some photos of Booga that I found and wanted to share, how much my little guy has grown.

A very little Booga – who was quite mad that he was evicted from the belly.

Booga and Daddy relaxing

Five months!

Booga’s 1st Birthday!

The first time we shaved his head and he is eating dirt.

We celebrated his birthday last weekend. Mom-mom Julie made the the train cake it was so cute and he LOVED it!  Yes that is the Chuck Close shirt – he loves it!

The last two year old picture of my Booga – taken right before bed.




Happy Birthday Booga!  I love you!




2 thoughts on “The Booga is 3!

  1. I was watching the local station yesterday morning, glanced up, and saw the pic of Booga! My first thought was, “that pic is familiar.” Then when the newscasters called him “Booga” I knew where I had seen it before!

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