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4th and 26th

Many of you who read my blog or have read my blog know I am a die hard Packers Fan and have been my whole life.  I titled this blog 4th and 26th because it is a reminder of how close the Packers to winning the NFC Championship and with 4th and 26th, blew it with … Continue reading

Busy, Busy , Busy

Busy, Busy , Busy

Well there have been several developments in the recent weeks the biggest one is I am a full fledged member of the National Concierge Association.  After several weeks of getting everything and waiting I am a part of a wonderful organization.  I have two years till I can apply for Les Clef D’or, which is … Continue reading

2014 Goals

Every year I sit down and try really hard to figure out what I want to accomplish for the year.  After much thought I think I finally have my list for 2014. I want to concentrate more on the Digi Shoppe, weekly features maybe even a couple of challenges. I want to finish my backyard … Continue reading

My Year in Review

So last year I wrote my list of items of what I want to accomplish this year.  Now it is time to see how well I did (my progress is in blue)… I would like to scrapbook more, I want to make a dent in the pile of photos I have.  – This happened I … Continue reading

The War on Thanksgiving…

I wasn’t going to voice my opinion on this but I see more and more people on my Facebook Feed about Thanksgiving and having to work.  First let me state NONE of my friends, family or their families are “excited” to have to go to work tomorrow.  They would rather be stuffing their face with … Continue reading

50 Years…

One thing I don’t really discuss is my fascination of history and pivotal events of history.  I decided today to write about one of the most controversial topics in our nation’s history because it is absolutely fascinating to me and it has been 50 years since Walter Cronkite announced President Kennedy’s Death to a devastated … Continue reading

What Have I Been Doing…

Obviously not blogging.  In my defense I did bruise the bone in my wrist making doing anything, including typing hurt quite bad.  I also decided to use my magical powers (okay not really magic) and get rid of Vista off the laptop.  Much to my surprise installing Windows 7 was far easier than I had … Continue reading

Seven Days of Nothing

Most people would love not being able to do anything (write, paint, type, clean, etc.) for seven days I however do not.  The pain in the arm has been quite sufficient and if it hasn’t hurt it was because of the painkillers.  I have been beyond bored and also got into the Halloween Candy and … Continue reading