Busy! Busy! Busy! – Blogging Revisted

I have been extremely busy and when I get this busy, one of the things that falls by the wayside is blogging.  I haven’t been doing a ton of crafty projects with the kids or crafty projects in general.  I have been focusing on redoing my portfolio, putting stuff on my Etsy Store, Graphic Design obligations, the Digi Shoppe and super secret projects.  I am the Daisy Scout Leader for my daughter’s troop this year, which I am so excited about the ideas for projects are endless (I have been working on those as well).  My design team obligations are coming to an end, right now I am thinking of maybe trying out for Viva Las Vegas Stamps but I’m not sure because I am so busy.  My problem is I have so many ideas and I am having a hard time keeping focused.  My goal is to stay focused on what I want to do, the problem is I don’t know what that is.  I know once I figure that out everything else will fall into place.

Booga is 3, I am starting to be able to do more projects with him but he wants to play trains or cook in his kitchen opposed to doing a project with mommy.  The princess is in First Grade which means homework every night and I try really hard to get on a schedule and right now that is more important than anything I am trying to do, because I want her to succeed.  I am thinking of going back to why I started this blog in the first place keeping track of all my projects, putting it out there for everyone to read and holding me accountable for not finishing something.  The problem is if I don’t take the time to watermark both digitally and a seen watermark someone could steal it.  It has happened in the past and it is a huge pain in the behind.  I mean really why would anyone want to steal my progress photos of my stuff is beyond me but it has happened.  It takes time to watermark everything even with templates and I think that is why I haven’t been blogging as much because it takes so much time, something I have been seriously lacking recently.

There is a definite learning curve with blogging and I will say in the almost three years I have learned a lot.  I read others blogs in my “free time” which is picking my daughter up at the walking stop and how to make money at blogging.  Making money blogging would be nice I’m not going to lie, we just got a BLICK Art Store, so I could definitely use the money, lol.  I have added ads through Google Ads because I figured why not?  Have I made any money with this – yes $1.16 (big money).  I guess I am once again at the point of what do I want out of my blog?  I think I need to get back to why I started blogging, for me and to know what the heck I am doing with my art.  A tutorial here and there but nothing like I have been doing with step-by-steps almost every day because that takes a ton of time.  I would rather produce quality blog posts opposed to crap blog posts talking about nothing.  A couple years ago I stated I’m not going to post on Sundays, I am thinking about stopping weekends altogether and just blog during the week.  There are several benefits to this I can write and schedule my posts for the week on the weekends and then spend time with my family.

Blogging like everything in life evolves with time, I think this is a good thing, getting back to basics and remembering why I started my blog.  I did not start my blog to make money, I started my blog for me and to share my ideas with the world.  I have stated I could careless how many people read my blog, I am having fun doing it.  Having fun blogging has always been a goal of mine and when blogging becomes a burden it is not fun, so I need to get back to that point again where blogging is fun and stays fun.  If I don’t post as much as I use to it is because I am taking a break and am doing something crafty.

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